Transformed By Christ - Paul

Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus, - Philippians 1:1

When introduced to Paul in the book of Acts (Chapters 7,8) he is the enemy of the gospel; a man who persecuted Christians, who persecuted Christ himself, and was given license to destroy the church. One commentator described Paul as "a fierce and cruel beast who had not only liberty given him to rage, but had also his power increased to devour and destroy godly men, as if a madman had a sword put into his hand."1 In short, Paul was a religious terrorist. Even a religious terrorist, when confronted by the living Word, is transformed. When reading the openings of the epistles remember who Paul was and who he became, "a servant of Christ Jesus." Paul was a man bent on the destruction of the Church, but became a selfless and sacrificial servant, taking upon the nature of his God and King.  The transformative power of Christ in the life of Paul inspires hope for change in us and others we may know.  We serve a redeeming King.

1-John Calvin, and Henry Beveridge, Commentary upon the Acts of the Apostles vol. 1

Nicholas Sommer